I often find people dislike me on-sight due to my kintype, so I figured I'd write a quick page about it, because why not.
There's multiple points to this anyway, that I'd like to direct people to, if they ask me this.

"Why do you kin ____?"

The first point is related to the word itself.
This phrase assumes that 'kinning' is a verb, a chosen action. That otherkin choose their kintypes.
This is, for most people, not true. I and many others view otherkin and it's similar terms to be spiritual,
in that my kintypes are reincarnations in a way, or selves from alternative universes. I am Dirk; Therefore I am Bro,
and I am Hal, and I would be in my rights to claim other 'versions' of Dirk as myself as well. Alternative Universe
versions of myself are me. This is not the most elegant way I have explained multiverse theory, but here you go.

"Bro Strider is abusive, therefore you are too!"

If you would like to make assumptions about me based on a fictional character
I consider part of my identity, then don't talk to me. The only reason I'll talk to you is if there is a rules related issue,
and I do my best to aknowlege 'Bro Strider don't interact' posts and such. Muting me allows you to not see my posts,
but still lets me see if you need help, so I can tell another admin to help you. Please be aware however that you are
ignoring me as a person outside of my kintypes. I won't argue anyone on this - Canon Bro Strider was abusive, of course,
the discomfort is valid - but I am still a person.

"Why don't you just ignore Bro Strider and be Dirk?"

To some degree, it's because I as an adult feel that presenting myself younger than I am would be uncomfortable.
In other ways, see above point. I also feel closer to Bro Strider canon-wise, in that I understand the emotions
of the time, even if they were far too harsh (to put it lightly. I'm not getting into canon details here - you're
reading this page because you know them already). I am an adult, who'd like to be seen as an adult, and have
trauma that makes me easily sympathize with villain-type characters.

You do not have a right to ask anyone for details on their trauma.

"Why do you interact with Daves?"

Because we are people outside of our kintypes.
However, I am very uncomfortable if Daves make nsfw remarks around me aside from deadpan jokes.
Please don't do that.